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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my bill so high? You only took me a few miles.

  • The distance you were transported only makes up a small portion of the bill. Unlike other public safety agencies, we do not receive dedicated tax revenue.  Therefore, the cost of providing around the clock ambulance service is divided among the people who end up using the service.  Although our charges are average for this area, we certainly understand that it can be an unexpected cost at a difficult time.  Please see the following questions for ways we may be able to help you. 

My health insurance paid you part of the bill. Isn't that enough?

  • Unless you have a health insurance we are required to accept by law (Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, etc), we are out of network with your insurance company.  Therefore, you are responsible for the full balance, regardless of what your insurance pays.  However, many insurance companies will reconsider their initial payment if you call them and explain you have received a bill for emergency ambulance service.  We are unable to do this on your behalf but please call us if you have any questions about it. As an alternative, you can pay for a membership which provides discounts on the remaining bill as well as having optional coverage for the household. For more information please see our membership page or contact us.

Is there a discount for people with no insurance or if my insurance doesn't pay?

  • We do not offer discounts in these situations.  Payment plans may be available by calling our office.

Why did I receive a check from my insurance company?

  • Many insurance companies send payment to the subscriber instead of us.  Because we are an out of network provider, they are assuming you have already paid us.  Please forward any amount you received from your insurance company.  If there is still a balance, you can call them and request they reconsider their payment amount.  You are responsible for any amount they do not pay.

I didn't call 911. Why am I getting the bill?

  • Although someone else may have called 911, the patient is the person we provided the service to.  Therefore, unless the patient was competent to refuse service and did so, he or she is ultimately responsible for the bill.

Why did I receive a letter from a collections company?

  • We make several attempts to contact patients about their bills.  Unfortunately, when we don't receive a response, we have no other avenue available for collecting payment.  If you have been contacted by a collections agency, then the account is now in their control.  Please contact them to make payment arrangements.

How do I become an EMT or Paramedic?

  • One can become an EMT or a Paramedic by enrolling in one of the local EMT or Paramedic training programs. There are several organizations in the local area that provide training. Click on one of the organizations below to find what they are currently offering


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