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Highly trained, professional, and friendly, Cambria Alliance has a caring and remarkable staff! EMTs are PA-DOH trained, have BLS HCP certifications, ITLS/PHTLS, as well as EMS Vehicle Operator training. Paramedics are trained in ACLS, PHTLS/ITLS, BLS HCP, PALS. Many of our EMTs and Paramedics are even Nationally Registered and many hold additional certifications in EMS as well as college degrees.

Office Staff

Executive Director: William Kline

Office Manager: Joni Adams

Board Members

Mike Eckenrode, President/Business Manager

Paul Calandra, Vice President

Jay Smithmyer, Secretary

Jim Leahey, Treasurer

Gary Jubas, Solicitor​

Dr. Darin Adams, Medical Director

Bill Wilkinson

Tom McConnell

Pat McMullen

Ray Osmolinski

Rick Mock
Flo Eberhart

Pre-Hospital Staff - EMTs

Chris Daras

Jeff Imler

Lory King

Kyler Maceno

Jeremy McIntosh

Paul Sklodowski

Victoria Smith

Patrick Traxler

Jason Whited

Jennifer Zaman

Pre-Hospital Staff - Paramedics

Mike Amsdell

Travis Brantner

Casey Creany

Ian Daugherty

Alexandria Dvorchak

Rachael Brown

Tyler Horn

Travis Mills

Austin Plummer

Greg Spencer

Marcus Whiteford

Pre-Hospital Staff - PHRNs

Josh Crawford

Ian Gabrielson

Nathan Lester

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